The Company

Zeroscrap is an innovative startup that deals with the design, production and sale of machinery for the valorisation of value added by-products of the winery value-chain.

Our goal is to become a leader in the production of plant for the valorization of landfill dumps in the agri-food industry, contributing to the reduction of global industrialization through the recovery and enhancement of waste from the supply chain.


Because of this, we planned a system to transform marc into high-added-value by-products like grapeseed, cold processed grapeseed oil (without using acids), flour for food use (gluten free), bioactive compounds (polyphenols, resveratrol, anthocyanins, procyanidins, quercetin, catechin) and pellets (to be used for the production of steam and electricity).

In particular, the system allows the separation of all the by-products of marc (grapeseed, stems and branches, skins) with an efficiency rate estimated at more than 90% (our competitors’ average is 30­40%) with the advantage of being the only one in the world with this degree of efficiency, to use fresh marc as an input product to the system. The use of fresh marc allows very high quality final products to be obtained.

Processing fresh marc (a feature of our system) allows us to obtain a product with organoleptic properties that are noticeably superior to the products available today (by-products of marc that have already undergone the distillation process). The quality of the products we will put on the export market will also be positively influenced by:

  • Shorter production processes (marc arrives directly, without going through the distillation process);
  • Standard, controlled production processes (e.g., FIFO storage with gravitational buffer to ensure the
  • In-house expertise on conservation techniques (inert gases [N2, Argon] and SO2).

Furthermore, our products, thanks indeed to our more efficient processes, can be put on the market at lower prices than the equivalent quality products our competitors make.

Our processing plants are located in Latina (a city near Rome) in a modern and spacious headquarters.

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